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Classes Monday-Friday. See schedule for details.
Nantes, France
About Half Lotus

Success is determined by others. Satisfaction is a personal state of mind.

What We Do

Get Ready to Recenter, Workout and Destress.

All of my classes begin with intention setting, a short breathing exercise and slow movements to help recenter the mind and body before we begin. Then, we heat up with the core of the specific practice. Finally, we cool down and let go of any tension through savasana with an added gentle massage of the shoulders and legs. We chant the closing mantra together.

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Classes Per Week

Our practice schedule changes each month, according to yogi availability and demand. I try to offer at least 3 class options per week!

Minutes of Yoga & Pilates Fusion

Each class is one full hour of holistic yoga & pilates fusion! We spend about 5 minutes warming up 45 minutes working out and 10 minutes relaxing.

Holistic Yoga & Pilates Fusion for you.

Where we practice

In-Studio & Outdoor Locations

about Noelle

Yoga Instructor, English Teacher, Culture Enthusiast

Certified yoga instructor with a passion for pilates and fitness training, I have combined the two complementary practices to create The Half Lotus Yogi: holistic yoga & pilates fusion!

After practicing various types of yoga for over 10 years in both the USA (my home country) and France, I decided to build a community of international yogis here in Nantes, France, so I can share my passion with you!

With this fusion practice, I hope to encourage open-mindedness, facilitate balance of the body, mind and spirit, and create an environment of physical and mental challenge and relaxation.

Our Story

Why "Half Lotus"?

Half Lotus pose, or ardha padmasana, is the modified version of padmasana, lotus pose. This seated meditating pose requires strength and flexibility in the core, hips, knees and ankles.

This pose has rejuvenating benefits for the body, mind and spirit, allowing us to release stress and open tight muscles.

Half Lotus is a pose that is attainable for all yogis, no matter your flexibility or limitations.

It implies the challenge of working to build one’s mental and physical strength and openness, while reaping the benefits of the full posture.  

Our practice is half holistic yoga & half pilates, so you can get the most out of our hour together on the mats.

Practice your English

Meet Native English Speakers & Practice Outside of the Classroom!

TEFL Certified English Teacher

I am a certified yoga instructor and English teacher with over 6 years of experience. I am also fluent in French and can provide explanations in both languages throughout class.

Need English Lessons?

I also offer classes in grammar, conversation, business English & more through my other professional activity, called Franglish! Check out my website and contact me with any questions.
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