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Power Vinyasa Flow

Intensity level: 4

Medium intensity, low impact, muscle tone, breath & balance 

PV Flow is a progressive series of breath flowing postures that allow you to open the lungs and strengthen the core and arms, all while stretching the muscles of the body to improve balance, flexibility and overall tone. We will apply Sun Salutations to elevate heart rate, as well as standing, sitting and reclining asanas to incorporate every part of the body into the flow.

All classes are beginner friendly, but not necessarily easy. The first few tries of any new activity will always be challenging!

The Half Lotus Promise: After 5 classes, you will feel and see a difference in your overall body tone, balance, breath and endurance!

Optional: Yoga blocks and straps can be used to facilitate more difficult postures.

Power Vinyasa Flow – The Half Lotus Yogi